Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Let the meetings begin.......

We meet for three days......
Sister Zarbock and the Steven's
 The Hardy's
 The Fulton's, Us (Williams'),  The Brimhall's
 The Fulton's and Williams'
 Williams', Brimhall's and Hamilton's
Sister Zarbock, she is an amazing lady, she always has a smile!
 President Zarbock
We were asked to teach about "Teaching in the Savior's Way"
The Batty's teaching!

Senior Couples Conference, the beginning......

Twice  year all the senior couples from the different island come in for a Senior Couples Conference. We recently had a conference and said good bye to the Hardy's. Here are some pictures of the great couples we serve with.
The men are standing behind their wife's, Zarbock's, (Mission President) Brimhall's (Yap), Batty's (Kosrae), Hardy's (Chuuk), Hamilton's (Office-Guam), Williams' (Guam), Shupe (Mission Nurse-Guam), Fulton's (Pohnpei)

 We always begin the week with dinner at the mission home! 

We love getting to spend time with all the couples!

The Hardy's have finished their mission and are leaving....

The Hardy's have been serving on Chuuk, they will be missed! The people on the island were fortunate to have this couple there to learn from. They will be missed.....

 President and Sister Zarbock with the Hardy's
 Brother Jung & Freddie (over the S & I programs) with the Hardy's
 Sister Hardy always is upbeat and happy!
We had fun catching up with happenings on Chuuk. They were so much fun to be with when we were on Chuuk for two weeks!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Conference with Elder & Sister Yamashita

Dinner at the mission home, the Hamilton's, Steven's, Elder & Sister Yamashita, Williams, Shupe's, Sister Zarbock. President Zarbock is taking the picture!
All the missionaries on Guam with the Yamashita's, Zarbock's and senior missionaries!