Thursday, October 27, 2016

Views from the airplane on our trip to the islands....

We love the view from the plane as we travel to the islands, these are just a few of the pictures we have from our last trip to Kosrae, Pohnpei and Chuuk.



Scenes of Pohnpei


The factory that does the carvings!

National Archive on Pohnpei, Federate States of Micronesia

Senior couples house and view....

The house for the senior missionaries in Kosrae is on the beach, 
this is a picture of the house and beach.

Pictures of this beautiful island...

Boat races....

Saturday they were preparing for a race with out-rigger-canoes!

 The Batty's are the senior missionary couple on Kosrae.
Enjoying the day!


The island we missed last year on our trip when we ended up in the Marshall Islands!
 This is a room in the nicest hotel on the island, they only have two hotels (they call resorts) 
and two place to eat. One at each resort!
 This is a typical house on the island. 
 It is very common for graves to be on their property!
 This is the church building in Kosrae.

Vietnam Veterans wall in Guam

We drive past this wall on our way to Family History Office!
Maybe one day we will remember to come early and stop and take 
a picture of the whole wall!

Family History Fair & Family History Center, Barrigada, Guam

Each year a Family History Fair is held in September!
 Before everyone arrives!
To decorate they just pick flowers and greenery and make beautiful decorations for events. 
 Tami Burton is the Family History Director for Guam!
 I think we need to do this for our next Family Reunion for those who cannot attend!
Val Welch is from Saipan. He is a teacher who wrote a grant to help students get stories from their elders so they will not be lost. He presents each year in Guam and hosts a Family History Fair in Saipan in November for members and teachers to learn how to preserve the stories of the elders.
Most Thursday nights when we are in Guam we work at the Family History Center.

Anderson Air Force Base, USO giving drinks and snacks to the flight line....

We volunteer for the USO, we have used this as a way to introduce FamilySearch to help people that are interested in family history. This is a day that we went to the base and passed out drinks and snacks to visiting flight crews.
 RQ-4 Global Hawk from Grand Forks, North Dakota with Lynn Stevens!
 F-22 Raptor
 KC-10 Tanker and the USO crew
Sgt Davis from the USO
B-1 Bomber from Missouri
Marine V-22 Osprey
 Flight line with a variety of Fighter aircraft.