Sunday, February 26, 2017


We drive by the sign for this fort everytime we go to the VA doctor to take Art. So we decide to drive down the road to see what it was here are some pictures. There is not much of the fort but the view is amazing!

Old Fashion Bakery....

Inarajan Cultural Village

We have been to this village before but we always enjoy our visits. It shows what life was like in Guam in the early years. The host tells us how things were done when he was a child.

War in the Pacific Museum

We also went to this museum when after the visit on the carrier. It is right outside the gate to the Naval Base.

Visiting the Carl Vinson Carrier at the Naval Base on Guam

When the Carl Vinson Carrier came to Guam the USO was able to take volunteers to go on a tour of the carrier. Here are some of the pictures taken by Ed from the USO that coordinated the tour.