Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chamorro Festival....

They had Coconut crabs, we could hold, I passed........

 The had other crabs that are found here on Guam!
This is a timeline of who had control over Guam!
Ancient Chamorro Era 4500 BC - 1668
Spanish Era 1668 - 1898
Naval Era 1898 - 1941
WW II - Japanese Era 1941 - 1944
Post War 1944 - 1950
Guamanian Era 1941 - 1970
Contemporary Guam 1970 - Present

The youth danced the native dances, they are trying to preserve their Heritage!  

The Cave .....

We heard about a cave with clear water used to swim in, so we decided to go see it.....
 The road we had to walk down, with Sister Stevens.....
 It's hard to see, the steps down to it are wet and slippery!
 The road we drove down to see the cave

This is what the road looked like in several places, some people can't afford to pay for trash pick up so this is what happens on some of the roads.......


It's a small world.........

We met Trysta Ram and her companion when we were on a trip from the train station back to the MTC. We went to visit her aunt and grandmother at the beginning of our mission.
Last week, I went to the store and was getting some things and ran into a lady who stopped me and said she was a member of our church and then told me her daughter had just returned from her mission. Her daughter came up a few minutes later and said she met a couple in the MTC that was coming to this mission. She said she met them in July, the only couple I knew that came in July was the Batty's who had just gone home.  She said no they were Family History Missionaries and I said I am a Family History Missionary. She then realized I was the missionary. We talked about her going to see Tracey, Art's daughter, in Washington DC and told we went and visited her aunt and grandmother here in Guam. Her aunt was with them. Sometimes it's a small world!
      Friday she came with her mother & father into our office. Two of the ladies in our office when to college with her mother at BYU-Hawaii. So we took another picture!
Melsihner Hadley (works in our office), Rose Ram (her mother), father (don't remember his name), Trysta, Sister Williams (me), Elder Williams, Liz Gittens (works in our office).

Thursday, January 12, 2017

So how do they sew on islands with no electricity?

They have modern day treadle sewing machines!
I was able to get a drive belt for my old treadle sewing machine!

More pictures from Senior Conference.....

Wednesday afternoon we had lunch at McKraut's and then did the Jungle Talofofo River trip!

 The men in the black did a authentic Chamorro  Dance when we were getting off the boat.
 The Zarbock's on the boat.
 Sister & Elder Batty, Sister Stevens on the cruise!

 Sister Stevens' on the carabao 
Sister Zarbock on the carabao!

They weave bowls, fans, headbands, etc.

Senior Conference.....

Senior Conference began Sunday night at our apartment, we usually have Sunday dinner at the mission home. Since it was leadership meeting we hosted the dinner.
Sister Shupe, Elder Shupe, Sister Christenson, Elder Christenson, Sister Stevens, Sister Williams, Sister Batty, Elder Batty, Elder Fulton, you can't see Sister Fulton.

Monday evening at the Mission Home Dinner
 The group first Kalei Naho'olewa, standing behind her is Fredi Nicerio, Sisters with husband's standing behind them Sister & Elder Fulton, Sister & Elder S.tevens, Sister & Elder Batty, Sister & Elder Shupe, Sister & President Zarbock, Sister & Elder Williams, Sister & Elder Christenson 


 Each day we met to learn and also give our stewardship report.
 The Fulton's report
 The Batty's report
The Stevens' report
The senior couples leaving have the opportunity to share their testimony!
The Batty's leave after the conference! 
 The Stevens' leave in April!
Our Testimony, we leave the end of June or beginning of July!