Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday meals with the Stevens, military families and missionaries.....

Sunday evenings we spend with the Stevens at the cottage feeding the missionaries and some of the military wives whose husbands are on deployment. We keep forgetting to take pictures of the military, but here are some of the missionaries!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

You have to be kidding?????????????????

They would really ruin macadamia nuts............ with SPAM!

Welcoming to the new office couples!

The Christensons are from Porterville, California. We always have a welcome dinner for the new senior missionaries!
President Zarbock at the head going to the right, Sister Zarback, Art's missing he's taking the picture, me, Sister Shupe, Elder Shupe, Elder Hamilton, Sister Hamilton, Sister Christensen, Elder Christensen, Sister Stevens, Elder Stevens.

USO and Thanksgiving!

Each year the USO puts on a Thanksgiving dinner for the military on Guam. Last year we just helped on Thursday with the clean up. This year they also asked us to help with the set up on Tuesday and Wednesday before the dinner. We also helped with decorating the USO.

What? They have Bubba Gump on Saipan!

We were surprised to see they now have a Bubba Gump on Saipan!


We were asked to come and present at a Family History Fair on Saturday November 19.

Family History Fireside on Sunday Evening, I guess we forgot to take pictures Sunday!

Rotary club

We were asked to do a presentation on Family History at the Rotary Club in Guam.

The friends we met on our trip to Yap and Palau!

On our trip to these islands there was a group of scuba divers on a trip to dive in Yap, Palau and Chuuk. We visited them while waiting to board our new plane to Yap. We saw some of them at the ship restaurant and then again on our trip to Palau. We stayed in the same hotel in Palau and we would see them in the mornings as we were leaving and they were getting ready to dive. We enjoyed our visits, they were a group of divers from the Sacramento, California. Karen Dax talked to us one morning about coming to church with us since they would be in Guam Sunday morning until Sunday evening. We enjoyed spending time with her on Sunday. Then they Flew in Thursday evening and there flight back to the states didn't leave until Friday morning so were spent time with them Thursday evening. 
Karen Dax  & Marie

 Karen & Tom Dax

We're at Two Lovers watching the sunset!