Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two weeks in Chuuk....

We were able to spend two weeks in Chuuk. The senior couple there was in Guam as the medical couple until the new medical couple arrived. Thus, we were able to stay in their apartment allowing us to stay longer than when we stay in a hotel. We were also able to use their vehicle. We were able to do additional training with the District Family History Director Jean Ichiro. While we were there two additional family history consultants were called and Jean is going to follow up with the other branches to get additional consultants called. 

Chuuk is truly a third world country. Many people live in the brush (most know it as the jungle), most homes have no electricity or running water, they are shelters from the rain. The missionaries on Chuuk need to be in their apartments by 6:00 pm because it is not safe to be out after dark. When you go to a restaurant (local people don't have the money to go out to eat) many items will not be available because of the difficulty of getting supplies. Many items that we can purchase in Guam are not available in Chuuk. Fresh fruits and vegetables are limited or difficult to get. 

We were able to work with many of the branches and able to give them "My Family" booklets in Chuukese. We did a presentation to the youth and even though most knew English they were excited to be able to write their stories in their own language. 

  Self-Reliance Cooking Classes
 Self-Reliance & Family History Class
 Service Project

Life in Chuuk
   Roads in Chuuk (Yes, this is a road to one of the churches)!
This is a deserted island about a mile off of Romanum, we were able to go over and walk around the island and collect seashells. 

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