Thursday, July 21, 2016

Family History in Chuuk

We spend two weeks in Chuuk in January to help the people on the islands with their Family History. We believe that we belong to eternal families and it’s important that we get to know who our relatives are. People go to the Temple in Manila in the Philippines to solidify their links with their ancestors.
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This is a picture of Jean Ichin and her family as they stopped off on Guam on their trip back to Chuuk from Manila. She is the Family History Director for the Chuuk District. On her island, to get from her home to the church to do the family history work for the people of the islands, she walks 5 miles each way along a terrible road that passes through one of the islands many garbage dumps. The road is always covered with running sewage from the refuse dumped there. Most of the people on the islands of Chuuk do not have computers, or the internet, or electricity or even running water.
This is the group of members on their way back to Chuuk, they had a 24 hour layover so the church members from the wards on Guam provided housing and meals for the Chuukese and brought clothes for the families to take back to the islands. Chuuk is a poor country, by our standards, but they have a wonderful and loving people living there. It compares to us camping out most of our lives.

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