Sunday, March 12, 2017

Francisco Q Sanchez School

We took a tour of the village, the youth wrote a script and memorized it, the tour was with the youth (some could have still been children). At each stop they explained the history of the place. We started at the elementary school. They are hoping to restore it, it is place on historical places on the island.
Francisco Quinata Sanchez Elementary School, more commonly referred to as F.Q. Sanchez Elementary, is one of twenty-five public elementary schools on Guam. It was named in honor of Sanchez who was an twentieth century pioneering educator and politician of Guam.

Because of its small student population, lawmakers proposed closing the school and sending its students to Merizo Martyrs Elementary School in the neighboring southern village. Umatac residents, however, strongly opposed this move.

In 1998, the school was listed in both the Guam and the National registers of historic places. It was constructed in 1953 by world-renown architect Richard Nuetra who also designed the Guam Government House.

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