Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Family History Fair!

A Stake Family History Fair was held on Saturday the 26th of September in the Barrigada Stake center focusing on helping people get started on Family History and using various resources to move the work along with the goal of preparing to do the work for our ancestors.
The featured presenter was the well renowned Tony Ramirez who both entertained and informed the attendees with stories about the history of the people of the islands and their relationship to the environment and the spirits.
There was an excellent presentation by Guampedia  entitled “Hasso I Guinahan Guahan” that showcased the people and culture of the people and their wonderful history. Two gentlemen came from Saipan where they focused on helping the youth to learn how to learn from the elders of the family and preserve family stories.
Other presentations focused on the techniques and tools to be used in gathering and recording family stories and organizing the results. The hands on approach to Family Search.org and What DNA testing can do to help you find your distant roots and enhance your Genealogical search efforts was a big success.
The flowers we have are called marmar, the woman wear them on their head and the men wear theirs around their neck.

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