Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trip to Japan

Friday we departed for Japan! After flying to Portland, Oregon we changed planes and had an eleven hour flight to Toyko, Japan. There we were picked up by Keiji Sugimoto. He took us to a hotel where we would spend the next three nights, since we had crossed several time zones he had some fruit and water and dropped us off to get some sleep.

Sunday morning we went to church with him and his family. His daughter and son-in-law translated the meetings for us. That evening we spent with his family (two sons, their wife's, each had three children, his daughter and her husband and four children) His wife was in the states with his other daughter who just gave birth to a second child. They made pot stickers, they even let me try, with great teachers I was able to make a few.

Monday Keiji drove us downtown to the church office building, we spend the day learning more about the mission we would be serving in Guam. We went to a small restaurant for lunch, We had a fish on the plate with rice and a variety of other condiments.

                                                 Art & Keiji at the Tokyo Temple

             That evening we went to a Sushi Bar and of course had sushi with his family!

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