Thursday, September 17, 2015

What do we do?

We Start our day off at the Family History Office, it is located at the LDS Service Building. The church building and Mission Office are all together.

We are working on obtaining records that were begun by the previous couple that were here on Guam. We are currently digitizing records at the MARC (Micronesia Area Research Center) that is located at the University of Guam.

We are also following up with the Governor of Guam who said he would sign the contract to digitized the Vital Records of Guam. The legislature has approved it and now the Attorney General is making sure there is not issue with people's privacy.

We will be going in October to Pohnpei, the church is digitizing microfilms from there. They have 50 films in Salt Lake City now that they are working on, the films are corrupted by the environment and poor storage. We are going to visit and try to obtain additional records to digitize for the government.

We also work with patrons on family search, we assist in training directors and consultants. We also give presentations on Family History to the wards.

This week we spent a day in Saipan this week, I will post pictures in the next blog. 

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