Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Facts about Yap......

They have a cast system, the lower cast has responsibilities like cleaning the road side, and this is the cleanest island we have been to. This cast has to wear lava lavas, this symbolizes they are from the lower cast. Most of the lowest cast lives on the north part of the island. Many are from the outer islands and that is why they are the low cast. It is a beautiful island and one of the cleanest one's we have been on.
The roads as we drove around on Yap.
They always have live flowers on the graves in Yap.
They have men and women's gathering places, the one closet
is the man's place and the other the women's place.
There are places like this all over the island, most people don't 
drive so they can sit in the shade and rest as they walk.
We stayed in this hotel, the lower building is the restaurant. 
This was our view when we ate in the restaurant!
Typical buildings from earlier times.

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