Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stone Money Bank

The next day we went to the church and worked at the Family History Center. We are in the process of getting new computers for the islands and need to check to see how well they are working. We want to assure that they have the ability to Skype so we can train and help with Family Search issues. In the afternoon the senior couple came to teach the youth in the Seminary program. We went to dinner with the couple in a restaurant on an old boat and then they drove us around the island. We went to the Stone Money Bank, where we saw that they actually did use stone money. It was kept in a central location in a community and moved from one area to another as transactions were made. The holes in the middle are so they can put poles through to carry them. 
They would use this money to make purchases but they didn't move the money.
There is money on both sides of this street and it is called the Stone Money Bank.
The Brimhall's are senior missionaries on Yap.
We are standing next to the largest stone money.

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