Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Zone Meeting & Family History........

The next day was a Zone Meeting and we spent most of the day at the meeting with the missionaries. We did a presentation on Family Search and how they can assist families to record stories from their families and learn about their heritage. The following day we spent on the north part of the island with the missionaries helping three investigators to set up free accounts on Family Search and input their family’s information. We had a great day with the Elder’s and the people they are teaching. The people were friendly and really wanted to move forward with their family history. The Elders had cautioned us earlier that the people did not like to talk about their ancestors. We found this might not be the case if approached in the correct manner.
 Working with the Elder's to explain how to use Family History in their missionary work.
We had a computer hooked up to a television screen to help do their family history.

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