Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Our flight to Palau was at 11:00 pm arriving in Palau at 11:05 pm (they are an hour behind Guam and Yap). We were going to stay in an empty senior apartment but the electricity was turned off so they took us to a hotel. Sunday morning we went to church, afterwards we attended a meeting and discussed Family History and what we could do to help the people on these islands. As we drove around the islands we tried to take pictures of this beautiful island.
 The bridge in the first picture can be seen in the distance of this picture.

 Palau is has many hills, they find flat places where they can plant gardens.
 The main city here has several islands connected by bridges and Causeways.

 Palau's National Capital Building.

Elder Williams with Toby and Elder Striplin & Elder
Toby does wood cravings and we are on his property. Each native family 
has their own property the next pictures were taken on his property. 

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